Petfinder Foundation News


Success Story: Humane Society of Western Montana

This money is focused on helping young people in our community. Last year, the Ken Shughart Junior Award was given to Kathryn Donovan for her outstanding service to pets in our community. Kathryn is an 11-year-old who owns a business called Kaboba Designs. She hand-makes fun, braided dog toys. Ten p...
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Success Story: Cooper's Chance Animal Rescue

This grant directly impacted Rosey, a 1-year-old pit bull/boxer mix who was an animal ambassador to the youth at our camps. Rosey was rescued with severe Demodex mange and required several months of care before she was finally healed and ready for adoption. Although she was so neglected, she was alw...
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Success Story: Seattle Humane Society of King County

This grant wasn't meant to help our pets directly, but it certainly will have an effect down the road! Our teen-education program is important to so many kids each year. High-school students from all over the region participate. They have the chance to learn about animal-handling and training, ...
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Success Story: Speak St. Louis

Reggie, a 1½-year-old Australian shepherd, needed our help. Reggie was picked up by Animal Control as a stray with an injured leg. He was not able to bear any weight on his leg. We scheduled a visit with an orthopedic surgeon, who determined that he would need an MRI to see what was going on. The M...
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Success Story: Cane Corso Rescue, Inc.

This grant through Sponsor a Pet was put toward paying the costs of Batman's orthopedic procedures to help him be less painful and increase his comfort and mobility. From his Petfinder profile: "Holy bad breeding, Gothamites! Batman needs YOUR help! This poor baby! Batman (Mach II, formerl...
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