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Success Story: Boston Buddies, Inc.

Hercules came into rescue at the shelter with deformed front legs and a ruptured eye. Boston Buddies took him right away. Hercules has been neutered and had his eye removed. We have been waiting for Hercules to stop growing so the doctors can straighten his front legs and fuse his paws. Hercules is ...
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Success Story: Mutt Mesh Animal Rescue

Winston is no longer available for adoption because he is now living in a foster-to-adopt home. Once he is well, this family will adopt him. Winston was rescued from Bay City Animal Impound in Bay City, TX. Once he arrived, he began having horrible seizures. He couldn't live in a crate or aroun...
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Success Story: Norfolk Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc.

Joshua is an 18-month-old dog who came to us from an elderly couple. They admitted they hit him and never played with him. He was fearful and had a lot of pent-up energy. Our staff members used enrichment toys to play with him and took him for playtime in the agility yard at our shelter. Joshua bega...
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Success Story: HOPE Safehouse

Annabelle was a dog we took from an overcrowded shelter in Illinois. When she was first examined, she was thought to have been hit with a baseball bat in the face, but it turned out to be gunshot pellet, which she also had in her side. She tested positive for heartworm and had a few other medical co...
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Success Story: Riley County Humane Society (RCHS)

Radar is a very sweet special-needs border collie who is still looking for his forever home. He had an adopter meeting last week and is scheduled to go home on a trial adoption Sept. 6. We are crossing our fingers for the big guy! We think Radar was a distemper virus survivor. He has dental malforma...
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