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Success Story: Build A Rescue Kennel, Inc./Safe Haven Rescue Kennel

Lydia is a coated Mexican hairless dog. She born and raised to be a puppy-mill mommy, and rescued a little over a year ago. Lydia has come a long way from a 100% crate-hider to now going off-leash on desert walks. A few weeks ago, she went into a foster home -- the first home environment she has eve...
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Success Story: Animal Lifeline of Iowa

From Rolex's Petfinder profile: "I was originally a stray in southern Iowa and was adopted and then the family returned me because I was nipping at the children and my family couldn’t afford to care for my eyes. (They were causing me a lot of pain and that is why I was nipping at the kid...
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Success Story: Only Maine Coons Rescue

The Sponsor a Pet donation was applied to Buffy's vet bill. She had a tumor removed from her leg. She has cancer that will continue to spread. We are providing her hospice care at this time. Every sponsor donation that comes in helps us provide the best care possible. Meet Buffy: www.petfinder....
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Success Story: Happy Home Animal Sanctuary

Luna was shot with a BB gun and suffered multiple wounds throughout her body. One of her hips was shattered and the leg had to be amputated. She received care in an animal hospital and then lived in a foster home until she was ready for adoption. On January 21, 2017, Luna met her new forever family ...
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Success Story: Humane Society of Westchester (formerly New Rochelle Humane Society)

Jane Austin is a dog who came to the shelter last summer. When Jane arrived, she was very overwhelmed with the noise and daily activity of the shelter environment. She is a dog who needs time to get to know a new person, so Jane found visitors approaching her kennel scary. Using Wobblers and Kongs f...
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