Petfinder Foundation News


Success Story: Wadena County Humane Society

Marvin was separated from his owner and magically reunited two years later when his owner began volunteering at our shelter and ended up seeing Marvin enter the shelter. This time Marvin had a safety net. Thanks to the Petfinder Foundation grant, we were able to microchip Marvin, and this time Marvi...
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Success Story: Gritty Pittie Rescue

Delilah, one of our current rescue dogs, needed dental work, and the grant money covered the expense. With this grant we were able to provide Delilah the relief she needed. Delilah is ready for her forever people. She is one of the most gentle souls we've ever met. You know, one of those specia...
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Success Story: Watertown Humane Society

The Watertown Humane Society sincerely thanks the Petfinder Foundation for the Emergency Medical Grant that we received in July. This money was used to help a young kitten named Sam who had been hit by a car and sustained serious damage to his left forelimb. Sam had no reflexes in his left forelimb ...
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Success Story: San Antonio R.O.C.K.S.

Toby was picked up as a stray by San Antonio’s Animal Care Services; it is believed he was suffering from injuries sustained from being hit by a car. Oftentimes, many of the dogs at our local shelter who require immediate medical care are overlooked by adopters and other rescues because of medical...
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Success Story: Animal Aid for Vermilion Area

Buffy was surrendered to [an open-admission] shelter after her owner was cited for animal hoarding and unsafe living conditions when authorities were contacted to perform a flood-damage assessment on the home. While it was not the best home for Buffy, it was the only thing she knew. She was very sca...
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