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Success Story: Ponca City Humane Society

Brody (first three photos) is our handsome 4-year-old French mastiff. He was rescued six months ago from our local Animal Control and has been looking for the right home to call his own. He loves people, and toys are his favorite! We instantly knew that a Kong toy would be a hit for him, and he didn...
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Success Story: Animal Aid for Vermilion Area

In December 2017, southern Louisiana was experiencing a cold front that brought the temperatures down to single digits. The local animal shelter was housing dogs outside during this time. We were able to partner with a few local boarding facilities to bring the dogs out of the cold. Some of these do...
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Success Story: South Suburban Humane Society

Sip has been in the care of the SSHS for nearly two years. An exuberant hound mix, he struggles to find the right family, but thanks to a staff and a core group of volunteers who are dedicated to him, he stays healthy and happy in the kennels. He loves playgroups and regularly has sleepovers with vo...
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Success Story: Athenspets

Jaxon (first and second photos) is a ball of energy. He wants to run, play -- anything to leave his kennel. If a volunteer happens to somehow exhaust him by playing catch and running him around, Jaxon goes back to his kennel and whines as people pass. It was only after we added in more mentally stim...
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Success Story: Crossroads Animal Rescue

Our staff went out to feed a few of our rescue dogs one morning and noticed that there was an extra pup that we did not put there. It turned out that this sweet pup's owner had dropped her off in our pen without our knowledge. We are glad that she is healthy and that our dogs welcomed her unexp...
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